These Rugs are made out of sheep wool and 100% handwoven. They are one of the most highly-priced rugs to exist and can be found in the living rooms, offices, bedrooms, etc.  Shades of white and cream with a distinctive design on a shaggy rugged material are the signature pattern of Beni Ourain Rugs.


Its roots trace back to the twelfth century in indigenous BeniOurain tribes based in the North Atlas mountains located in Morocco. BeniOurain rugs were originally part of the tribe and hence derived their name BeniOurain aka Snowy Mountains from it.

Quality and Price

These rugs are hand-knotted which makes them more durable than the other rugs. Their wear or tear depends on what kind of intricate patterns were used in making them. So if you are thinking of buying one for your living space then you should opt for the one which has a simpler design and can last longer. Their price is directly dependent on the authenticity of the material. If pure wool is used and skilled craftsmen are involved in the making of it, then it will have a much higher price than the non-authentic ones.

So, if you are looking to add a little splash to your house, be it the dining halls, the living room, or any of your bedrooms then this can be your choice. Made from the finest materials and one-of-a-kind wool this certainly can be a prized possession you can brag about to your friends.