Are you going to sell your house, but are you undecided whether to manage the sale privately or entrust it to a real estate agency? Many are convinced that selling a house from private to private is the best solution from an economic point of view, because it allows you to save on real estate brokerage services and above all not to pay the commission on the sale .

On the other hand, the sale of a property is a very expensive operation in terms of time, energy and resources. It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail. In this guide, we will explain how to sell a house privately , the advantages of this option but also all the risks associated with approaching the sale without the support of a real estate agentĀ

Selling a house privately: procedures to start well

Where do we start? Every long journey begins with the first step and, in your case, the first step in selling a house privately will be to correct the small defects that each apartment has and present it in the best possible way in the eyes of the potential buyer, both in photo shoots and during visits.

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Should we prefer the sale between individuals?

If you don’t trust an intermediary to sell a house or apartment, you have the option of selling without an agency. However, deciding to sell privately requires some effort on your part :

You must have free time to answer calls and arrange visits.

You need to have some commercial sense and not be afraid of receiving negative reviews of your property from buyers.

You must carefully inquire about the seller’s obligations (including carrying out energy performance audits and other real estate audits).

You need to be willing to make an effort on the selling price and be sure that the home appraisal is reasonable and in line with market prices.

If these different elements don’t scare you, feel free to sell without an agency. When selling between private individuals, it is best to contact your notary, who will inform you of all the legal steps involved in the sale of real estate.