It’s time to buy a home. You have big plans and might even be ready to take the plunge. But you’ve never bought a home before and are wondering what that process looks like. You want to make sure that you’re prepared, so are wondering if it’s possible to get pre-approved for your future home. To get the inside track, visit

Here is the process that you should go through.

Meet with a Mortgage Company

Finding a bank and getting pre-approved for a mortgage is the first step to buying your dream home. You’ll want to meet with a bank before looking at houses. You’ll be able to see how much you can afford for a home, and then you can start looking around at properties that are in your price range. You’ll also be able to narrow down the homes that you want to look at based on what you can afford.

List Your Desired Features

A Home Purchase

You have a list of features that is a mile long. You have no idea where to start when trying to find a place to live. Your list can be a place to start. For example, you know that you want a home with four bedrooms. That’s one feature. The next would be an open concept that has an over-sized kitchen and family room to entertain family and friends. So it’s time to start on your list of desired features. You’ll want to talk about the features with your real estate agent or bank as well as with yourself until your list is as long as possible. To find out what’s happening behind the scenes, click here

Find a House

You may have no idea where to start the search, but you will know the area that you want to be in. Think about the list that you made. Start there and begin researching homes in your price range. Don’t go too crazy with features. Look at houses that have all of your features, but not too many others. Look at homes that have none of your favorite features, so you can narrow down what you might want in a home as well as which features are most important to you.

Add to Your List

As you start going house-hunting, you may find something that truly catches your eye. It’s a really nice home in a really nice area. You’re excited about it and think that it can be yours after all. But then you look at the price. It might be out of your price range, but its right up your alley. You start thinking that this could be the house for you and add it to your list of desired features.