Anays tutorial webseries

Anyas Tutorial is aha’s first telugu webseries online foray into the horror genre, and Bahubali’s creators, Arka Media, and aha have lent their support to the project. The aha platform is unquestionably broadening its horizons with original content, as it has been experimenting with various genres. Now that the series has officially launched on aha let’s find out whether the trailer’s promise was justified and if the show is worth tuning into.


Lavanya (Nivedithaa Satish) and Madhu (their older sister) are at the center of this psychological thriller (Regina). As a result of her frustration with her family, Lavanya has left her house and is now living alone. Additionally, the Covid shutdown is declared at this time. As a last resort, Lavanya creates the Instagram account Anya’s Tutorial. She attracts attention by displaying phoney ghostly decor in her residence.

The story takes an unexpected turn when Lavanya begins to have ghostly experiences of her own. Unfortunately, these terrifying factors are connected to her sister Madhu. Where does the terror come into Lavanya’s story? Exactly what role does Madhu play in this scenario? You’ll have to tune in to the broadcast to find the solutions.

Members of the Cast and Crew

Anyas Tutorial stars Regina Cassandra and Nivedhitha Sathish in a script by Soumya Sharma with direction by Pallavi Gangireddy and production by Arka Media and sponsorship by aha.

There are many additional important portions in Anya’s Tutorial and the primary leaders. However, these positions are more like parts and pieces; they are useful or serviceable to the broader story but don’t influence their own apart from that.


Regina and Nivedhitaa’s portrayals were spot-on, as you’d expect from two sisters. Nivedhitaa gives an equally impressive performance, and although Regina was excellent in her role, they both stand out. Since Nivedhitaa’s character drives much of the play, her acting skills carried the day. The way she conveys emotion via her expressions is a huge boon to the thriller’s psychological atmosphere.

An Online-Only Streaming Release of Anya’s Tutorial Series

It was in July of 2021 when Anya began publishing her series of tutorials. In addition, the series is now scheduled to premiere on the aha OTT platform on July 1, 2022.

The technicalities

This series has excellent camerawork. Incorporating a sense of foreboding through the use of shadows, many of the more dramatic moments in the film can be credited to the cinematographer’s eye for composition and lighting. The series’ extensive visual effects (VFX) are impressive and professionally done. The production values and editing are both very high quality. This GBM is completely legal.

What can you look forward to seeing in this series?

It has a pleasant tune by Arrol Corelli in the background. Along with Gautam Nair’s masterful sound design, it contributes much to the ambience. The cinematography by Vijay K. Chakravarthy is tidy. Even though it borrows greatly from works in the same genre, the sombre concept and tone of this Telugu horror webseries are conveyed perfectly. Editing by Raviteja Girijala may have been stronger.

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